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Yii plugin: New project wizard


Yii plugin: New project wizard


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Ok so I think we can start with several few but primary features:

  1. Project of type Yii
  2. New project wizard
  • Yii application
  • Yii application from existing sources From both steps if no Yii framework package indicated in than a link is set to get to Options->PHP->Yii framework and there you could:
  1. Download the framework package and indicate the location of it - here should always get the latest version of the framework from the, unzip it into indicated directory.
  2. Or just browse to a directory where the zip file is located.
  3. Explicitly or implicitly should put the directory in build_path and exclude the yiilite.php

Add possibility to create Yii application from framework demos. It even could be created a site that is like gems for Ruby guys or NuGet for .NET, this site could host site templates, and than the framework version could be also indicated. Having the url of the site and needed version framework we could get the templates, it could be also a feature that would say get all templates, it will get all the site templates no matter what the version is.

Any other requirements for New project wizard ?

Here are the directories of a

Here are the directories of a typical Yii project - it would be great if NB would auto-detect the folder name and assume the contents (with override of course)...

in most cases, the views folder will contain views, model models...etc...or have defaults (protected/views, protected/models, protected/controllers...etc.

The reason is it :) Thanks

The reason is it :)

Thanks for answer.

Unfortunately, I don't know

Unfortunately, I don't know yii framework.

If use github api, user can select version from version list.

User should be able to mark directories as:

  • views dir.

  • controllers dir.

  • models dir.

Is this the nodes like the attach file?

What is the version of NB we use?

We use nightly builds for

We use nightly builds for NetBeans 7.3, because PHP API in NB 7.3 is pretty different from 7.2

Agree with samdark. New

Agree with samdark. New Project Wizard is not really important. I'm thinking more about the code agreement. I like how Netbeans organize code and library in the Project Explorer.

I think it would be good if Yii app modules can be pulled out and put in a separate "Module" directory (like "Libraries" or "Source Packages" directories in the attached image). I have lots of modules in my application, and it's quite tiring to browse them using the Project Explorer because they are so deep in the directory hierarchy and taking to much space on the Project Explorer's window.

And since module can have "controllers", "views", and "models" dir just like the parent application, those directories of a module can also be marked like what samdark said above.

Wizard isn't really necessary

Wizard isn't really necessary as the first step since it doesn't really make IDE more useful compared to autocompete improvements. Of course it's useful so if it's easier to start with it it will be OK.

  1. Framework code at is deprecated. You should use stable one from githu:
  2. Not necessary zip. Framework can be already unpacked.

We're planning different application templates for Yii2 but I think it will be great to have it in Yii1 as well via IDE.

Additional requirements:

  1. User should be able to mark directories as:
    • views dir.
    • controllers dir.
    • models dir.
  2. assets and runtime should be excluded (user should be able to customize it).

I'd rather start with

I'd rather start with something simpler and than advance from it, and the task with the wizard seems pretty simple for me, but in the same time it's needed for junior developers, as it is the starting point of creating the project. However thank you for your feedback I'll take into consideration these requests.

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